11 Feb 2018

What is the highest or at least higher standard of doing good deeds. It is to do good deeds without any personal motives. And real leaders are those who work for their people but in return demand nothing from them. One more thing, People get riches in inheritance from their ancestors while there are also people who get a mission from their parents as inheritance.  

One example of such good deeds and inherited missions is  THE MASKAN INSTITUTE SWAT which is going to complete 50 years of its establishment this year, 2018.

I have been hearing about this from my elders in my childhood. Then it was its simple but grand building seen from the hills around Saidu Sharif that fascinated me. After years a brother of mine gifted me photos of its building. Still recently in a meeting with Adnan Bacha I requested him to tell me about maskan. And it was in response to my request that he agreed otherwise he and his family don’t like personal publicity. And it was thus that i came to know a lot about this act of kindness for the people of the area from the most benevolent family of  Swat.

There are innumerable examples of works done without showing to people by this family. This one is unique because it is started by the most sophisticated and the most accomplished lady, the respected Mrs Nasim Aurangzeb, wife of prince Miangul Aurangzeb and daughter of Field Marshal Ayub Khan who also performed elegantly the role as the FIRST DAUGHTER of pakistan while accompanying her father President Ayub Khan on foreign state tours. She is mother of Prince Miangul Adnan Aurangzeb Bacha, Prince Miangul Mahmood Aurangzeb Bacha and Prince Miangul Hassan Aurangzeb Bacha. Today February 11 is her death anniversary, and this article is a humble tribute to her on this occasion.

Begum Nasim Aurangzeb Sahiba was married to Miangul Aurangzeb Wliahad Sahib when she was only sixteen. It was one of the reasons she wished to do something for children. This wish found a way when on a tour to Jerusalem she visited an orphanage and it was there that she got the idea to establish one in Swat.

The idea was presented to the ruler of Swat State Miangul Abdul Haq Jahanzeb Wali Swat and he granted permission. And  the idea became a reality in 1968 when MASKAN INSTITUTE SAIDU SHARIF SWAT STATE was registered with Directorate General of Social Welfare, Government of West Pakistan, Lahore on September 10, 1968. It was a welfare home for children, youth , aged and infirm.


The Ruler of Swat State Miangul Abdul Haq Jahanzeb became Patron-in-Chief of the institute. The Executive Committee comprised of Mrs. Naseem Aurangzeb as President and Mrs. Kalsum Najibullah as Sectretary and Treasurer. Members were Miangul Aurangzeb, Mrs. Jamila Amirzeb, Dr. Najeebullah, Mr. S. Yusaf Ali Shah, Mrs, Ziaullah, Mrs. Sunnya Afzal Khan, Mrs. Zartaj Hassan Amin, and Mrs Farida Khalid Saigol. The list shows how prestigious an organization it was.


the idea became a reality in 1968 when MASKAN INSTITUTE SAIDU SHARIF SWAT STATE was registered with Directorate General of Social Welfare, Government of West Pakistan, Lahore on September 10, 1968. It was a welfare home for children, youth , aged and infirm.

One of the aims and objectives of the organization as stated in its constitution was ,To house Muslim orphans/destitute children and to educate them, clothe them, inculcate in them the habits of industry and frugality, to train them in the paths of religion and virtue, and thus to make them good citizens and to place them in suitable situations in life.

The thing that strikes me most about this institute is that it has been kept and run in complete PURDAH without any sort of publicity or personal vested interests. Names and particulars of the children who live here are kept completely secret. No advertisements in newspapers or public charity for the institute, no mention of it in political field. And that is why I call it the highest standard of GOOD. And it is this standard which we must judge in our leaders today and follow ourselves. This highest standard is kept by Wali Sahib, Waliahad Sahib and now by our most worthy MASHAR Prince Miangul Adnan Aurangzeb Bacha.

I noticed a sparkle in his eyes when Adnan Bacha was telling me the story of Maskan. He expressed his firm resolve to keep on the mission left for him from his mother. I will continue it till the last breath and last drop of my blood, he said. Adnan Bacha has very strictly ordered the management of the institute to feed the children with the same food as his own children are fed with. Moreover he  monitors and ensures himself that none of the children is treated badly. The children of the institute are also invited once in a while to lunch and spend some time with the family of Adnan Bacha. The children attend the nearby government school and then Teachers from Beacon House School help them with tuition. These children learn a lot in Maskan and most of them have reached to respectable positions. What Adnan Bacha stresses most for the children is education, the child not interested in education has no place in Maskan.


Dear Friends! Real leaders are those who show their people the way how to lead a principled, benevolent and purposeful life. And at the moment I see on top the family of Adnan Bacha. We must follow them not only in theory but also in practice.

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