16 Jul 2017

Swat valley no doubt is a land of natural beauty but here we are to discuss what our approach towards nature is and should be in Swat Valley. Is our way of living here in this valley constructive or destructive towards its natural balance? Are we preserving or destroying nature in this valley? Are we using it to benefit our souls and bodies without harming it or not? Do we replace what we take from it or not? What are the measures we are taking to hand it over to our next generation as our ancestors left it for us? In what practical ways are we to pay our gratitude to the Creator of all these bounties? And do we recognize, acknowledge and follow the role,example and contribution of those who lived before us here in perfect harmony with nature? We are here to find answers to questions like these and many more.

What our approach towards nature is and should be in Swat Valley.

We are to discuss how nature in this valley can have a positive effect on our souls, bodies and quality of life. We are to explore and discover the healing effects of the songs of birds, waters and airs of this heavenly valley. We are here to find ways to live ideally and practically in the mountains, meadows, villages and cities of this valley. We are to discuss the benefits we can get from the climate, flowers, herbs and shrubs, trees, soil and stones, summers and winters , minerals and other resources to make our lives comfortable and developed while at the same time harmonious with nature of this serene valley. And we are to discuss how to live in this valley like we live in our own homes.

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